Tacita Dean

Thomas D Trummer. Exhib'publication. Kunsthaus Bregenz. Kunsthaus Bregenz 2019. German, English. 80 Seiten, 61 Abb. (davon 60 farbig und 1 s/w). 29.3 x 38 cm. 1,2 kg. Cloth. 9783960983569. art-42444
was 42,00€ 19,80
In her films, photographs and sound works, Tacita Dean uses silence, time and entropy to describe particular human sensibilities. The artist’s most recent works at Kunsthaus Bregenz are monumental chalk drawings on blackboards and her film Antigone – both generate timeless imagery rooted in history creating timeless potent symbols.

The large-size photographied works are accompanied by texts, that Tacita Dean partly wrote especially for this KUB artist’s book.