La guilde du livre

Les albums photographiques 1941–1977. Anatole Desachy (ed.). Éric Desachy, Guy Mandery. Documentation. Paris. Éditions Les Yeux Ouverts 2012. French. 184 Seiten, 600 Abb. 24.6 x 29.3 cm. 1,8 kg. Hardcover. 9782954064000. art-08990
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This book relates the history of "La Guilde du Livre" established by Albert Mermoud, a pioneer in the publication of great photobooks, in Lausanne. Robert Doisneau, Izis, Jacques Prévert, Colette, Cendras, and many others have written the history of "La Guilde du Livre".

600 reproductions illustrate the 84 photobooks shown in the publication realized by Anatole Desachy. Bibliographical notes and historical comments throw light on the variety of photobooks published by "La Guilde" between 1936 and 1977.