About us

art book cologne, founded by Bernd Detsch in 1997, is a wholesale company and specializes in buying and selling high quality publications in art, art theory, architecture, design, photography, illustrated cultural history and all related subjects internationally.

We purchase remaining stocks from museums, publishers and art institutions. We sell these remainders to bookstores, museum shops, and art dealers all over the world. Our particular attention lies in high quality art books, artist books and special editions. The complete backlist of our books and catalogues is exhibited and can be purchased in our showroom right in the heart of Cologne‘s district Deutz.

We are present at both Frankfurt and Leipzig book fair, the London Book Fair, both CIANA remainder shows in London, and occasionally at the Book Expo Americana and the CIROBE in Chicago.

Our offers aim specifically at retailers.
If you wish to order single copies, please visit artbooksonline.eu.

Our program is a selection of art books, reduced in price, yet new and mint (unless otherwise indicated).

You will find exhibition catalogs, rare books from museums and publishers as well as exceptional collector‘s editions: international titles about photography and film, painting and graphic arts, contemporary art and old masters, architecture and design.

Our team includes specialists in art, culture, music, book trade and media but in spite of our diversity we have one common ground: the enthusiasm for unique art books.

On our search for great art books we pay particular attention to their design: Wether lavishly printed illustrated books, beautifully designed publications or theoretical writings, dealing with subjects of culture and media studies or art history.

To give you an exact idea of the book that you will receive carefully packed, we give you as many informations and images as possible. That's why we scan every cover and measure the exact dimensions of each book. We also compose texts and bibliographies from which you can learn about the special qualities of the prevailing publication. Also, if an edition is very exceptional, we include photos of its individual features to provide you with an extensive visual impression.

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Questions, feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Enjoy browsing our store, as we look forward
to hearing from you!

Your art book cologne-Team