Nancy Baron – The Good Life

Palm Springs. Kehrer 2014. Beiträge von Aline Smithson. English. 96 Seiten, 51 Abb. (davon 51 farbig). 24 x 29.7 cm. 905 g. Cloth. 9783868284829. art-45813
was 39,90€ 9,90
In The Good Life – Palm Springs, American photographer Nancy Baron offers a lush insider's look at the resort town of Palm Springs, California. After years of visiting Palm Springs as a tourist, Baron became a parttime resident of this desert town and discovered that it was both everything and nothing like she expected it to be.

The idea of Palm Springs evokes a well-defined image internationally. These varied definitions are mostly accurate, and yet this oasis of layered Americana is often misunderstood. A few steps from the resorts and off the main drag, there is a jewel of a small town, with something for everyone – and a sure path to the American dream.

Baron's images, saturated by the bright desert sun, show us what she sees in this welcoming town that continually reinvents itself with hope, determination, and the belief that everyone is entitled to "The Good Life." Nancy Baron is a fine art documentary photographer living in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California.