Stefan Bogner – Gotthard

Porsche Drive - Pass Portrait: Schweiz - Switzerland - 2106 M. Jan Karl Baedeker. Delius Klasing 2019. English, German. 384 Seiten, 298 Abb. (davon 298 farbig). 21 x 28 cm. 2,0 kg. Hardcover. 9783667116772. art-45559
was 49,90€ 24,80
After his last book Escapes, Stefan Bogner returns to the Alps again with this beautifully illustrated book. This time he not only photographed particular routes, but he looked for the ideal tour through the Alps: 3 countries, 14 passes - the perfect little escape for 4 days.

Different from Bogner's photographs in Escapes or Curves where Bogner presents dreamlike empty streets, Porsche Drive focuses on the journey in Porsche models like Porsche 906, Porsche 911, Porsche 918 and more. Stefan Bogner also drives his own Porsche 911 1970 ST.

Jan Karl Baedeker's sweeping lyrics make the track even more tangible - almost as if you were at the wheel of your own Porsche.

In addition to Bogner's amazing photographs, Porsche Drive offers information on each route and height profile, allowing the reader to follow itinerary.