Tony O'Shea – The Light of Day

Auflage 1200. Ausst'publikation. Gallery of Photography Ireland. RRB Photobooks 2020. Beiträge von Colm Tóibín. Englisch. 112 Seiten, 90 Abb. (davon 90 s/w). 28 x 21 cm. 1,1 kg. Leinen. 9781916057562. art-39459
€ 55,00
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"Tony O’Shea is interested in the moment where the ritual and the casual face each other in the complex light that comes from Irish skies. He likes gatherings and public spaces. And he is watching for the second when, even if his subjects are performing, a guard has been let down, and the camera becomes an uneasy, tentative, hesitant window into the soul. He seeks images of individual loneliness and isolation, figures in a state of reverie and contemplation, or figures in a state of excitement." - Colm Tóibín

RRB Photobooks & The Gallery of Photography Ireland are pleased to present »The Light of Day« by Tony O'Shea. The book is a retrospective of O'Shea's work, spanning 4 decades from 1979 to 2019 and is published to coincide with an exhibition of his work at the Gallery of Photography Ireland.