50 Years of the Playboy Bunny

Josh Robertson. Chronicle Books 2010. Beiträge von Hugh M. Hefner, John Dante. Englisch. 176 Seiten, 21,2 x 26,2 cm. 1,0 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9780811872263. art-27590
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For the first time ever, Playboy presents the complete, official account of the iconic Playboy Bunny. Coinciding with the Bunny's 50th anniversary, this richly illustrated book presents stunning pictorials of famous and classic Bunnies from the likes of Debbie Harry, Lauren Hutton, and Gloria Steinemas well as rare images unearthed from the Playboy vault.

A fascinating narrative charts the 50-year history of the Bunny, from the opening of the first Playboy club in Chicago to the making of a global empire. Former Bunnies and Playboy legends share insider secrets: a former "Bunny Mother" dishes on daily life in the clubs, Hugh Hefner reminisces on the swinging '60s, and his brother Keith discusses Bunny etiquette.

With oodles of gorgeous Bunnies and a foreword by Hef himself, this is the perfect gift for any Playboy fan.