Walker Evans – Silver and Carbon

Alinari 2005. Beiträge von John T. Hill. Englisch, Italienisch. 64 Seiten, 70 Abb. (davon 70 s/w). 25 x 25 cm. 366 g. Broschur. 9788872924891. art-25236
statt 18,00€ 7,95
The catalogue „offers a look at many of Evan's major works and how they are transformed by various printing processes. They range from the traditional gelatin silver prints, gravures, letterpress, and lithography, and extend through the digital interpretations rendered in carbon black.

All photographic prints are, most precisely defined, translations from an original negative. Ideally that interpretation is by the artist or by a trusted technician. Walker Evans might have had an extended flirtation with the darkroom, but it was never his first love. ... Evans learned early on that he could delegate that printing chore to others and be satisfied with the results.“ (John T. Hill)