Willi Baumeister – Werkverzeichnis der Skizzenbücher | Catalogue Raisonné of the Sketch Books

Archiv Baumeister Bd. 02. Felicitas Baumeister, Gerd Presler. Catalogue Raisonné. Deutscher Kunstverlag 2009. German, English. 383 Seiten, 19.5 x 25 cm. 1,4 kg. Hardcover. 9783422068902. art-23889
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The artistic work of Willi Baumeister (1889-1955), one of the pioneers of abstract painting, is perfectly documented with the exception of his sketch books. He left 47 of them with 490 sketches, drawn between 1913 and 1955.

During the last years the interest in sketchbooks became more and more important, thus opening a new form in the general view on an artist and his creative kind of working. For many of his worldwide renowned works we find here first traces and the steps to a final masterwork.

This catalog presents all of his sketches, compared and analyzed in a chronological and content context.