Cristina de Middel

La Fabrica 2015. Beiträge von Rafael Roncero. Englisch, Spanisch. 96 Seiten, 13 x 18 cm. 190 g. Broschur. 9788416248230. art-21106
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After working as a photojournalist for almost a decade, Cristina de Middel (Alicante, 1975) became known in 2012 with Afronautas, a project on the space programme that Zambia tried to spearhead in 1964, whose goal was to send the first African to the Moon. Her oeuvre questions the language and veracity of photography as a document and plays with reconstructions which blur the boundary between reality and fiction.

This new volume from the PHotoBolsillo collection includes works not only from the Afronautas collection but also from the series Antípodas, Humpty Dumpty, Messenger, Party, Poly-Spam, Pop Totem, Snap Fingers and Whistle and This Is What Hatred Did. In 2013 she won the Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography (ICP).