Gabriel Orozco – Asterisms

Nancy Spector (ed.). Exhib'publication. Guggenheim Museum New York. La Fabrica 2012. English. 120 Seiten, 22.9 x 30.5 cm. 700 g. Cloth. 9780892074839. art-21097
was 50,00€ 15,00
Gabriel Orozco’s (*1962) Asterisms is a two-part sculptural and photographic installation comprising thousands of items of detritus the artist has gathered at two sites: a playing field near his home in New York and a protected coastal biosphere in Baja California Sur, Mexico, that is also the repository for flows of industrial and commercial waste from across the Pacific Ocean.

The catalogue Asterisms, in which the two bodies of work – Sandstars and Astroturf Constellation – play off each other in a provocative oscillation between the macro and the micro, invokes several of the artist’s recurring motifs, including the traces of erosion, poetic encounters with mundane materials, and the ever-present tension between nature and culture.

It also underscores and amplifies Orozco’s subtle practice of subjecting the world to personal, idiosyncratic systems.