On Kawara – Unanswered Questions

Personal Structures Art Projects Number 04. Inklusive CD. Karlyn de Jongh. GlobalArtAffairs 2011. Englisch. 205 Seiten, 17,5 x 24 cm. 1,4 kg. Leinen in Stülpschachtel. 9789490784058. art-20121
statt 75,00€ 39,95
Since the beginning of 2007, Karlyn De Jongh searched for questions to On Kawara by persons who know the artist or his work very well. This resulted in a collection of 79 questions by people from all over the world. After several attempts to present these questions to On Kawara - trying to meet him in New York, sending postcards with the questions to him and contacting some of his close friends - until the day of this publication, the questions remain unanswered.