Yoko Ono – Arising

Personal Structures Art Projects Number 09. Inklusive CD. Karlyn de Jongh, Sarah Gold, Jon Hendricks (Hrsg.). GlobalArtAffairs 2013. Englisch. 432 Seiten, 17,5 x 24 cm. 2,0 kg. Leinen in Stülpschachtel. 9789490784171. art-20118
statt 75,00€ 39,95
In 2013, women of all ages, from all countries of the world were invited by Yoko Ono to send a testament of harm done to them for being a woman, and to send a photo of their eyes. Models of women were burnt on an island in the Venetian lagoon. Together these actions form ARISING, which was presented as part of PERSONAL STRUCTURES, Venice 2013. "Follow your heart. Use your intuition. Make your manifestation. There's no confusion. Have courage. Have rage. We're rising".