Betsy Karel – America's Stage: Times Square

Steidl 2018. Beiträge von Gerry Badger. Englisch. 128 Seiten, 73 Abb. 24 x 32 cm. 1,2 kg. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9783958292727. art-19769
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»In America’s Stage: Times Square«, street photographer Betsy Karel uses five New York City blocks as a metaphor for urban America today. Her premise is that many of the major trends of our society are present in Times Square: globalism, consumerism, ubiquitous sexualization, hucksterism, surveillance, narcissism. All are compressed and amplified here.

In Karel’s photos fantasy parades as reality, corporate interests invade almost all public spaces, and Times Square becomes a vivid, almost hyper-realistic, form of theatre.