Siegfried Anzinger – Bilder 2011

Rudi Fuchs. Exhib'publication. Kunstverien Heilbronn. Snoeck 2011. German, English. 80 Seiten, 40 Abb. (davon 40 farbig). 24 x 30.5 cm. 564 g. Softcover. 9783864420047. art-16352
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»The formation in Anzinger’s works, shrouded in diffuse, dilute paint, is always so unreal, it sways and it hovers. It is as if one were actually dreaming the painting. Anzinger has carefully painted around the casually-sketched motif – very sensitively so that one can see how the painter has been ­guided by the wavering and wobbling of the brush as though it were a dousing rod. And that is precisely what we experience in his paintings: they allow us to dream. I look beyond their ­thematic beginnings; the paintings themselves invite one to do so!«, Rudi Fuchs concludes his text, which accompanies this book.