Donigan Cumming – The Stage

Books on Books #19. Errata Editions 2014. Beiträge von Robert Enright, Jeffrey Ladd. Englisch. 240 Seiten, 275 Abb. 18,5 x 25 cm. 1,0 kg. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 9781935004370. art-16158
statt 42,00€ 29,95
Donigan Cumming's The Stage is one of the most challenging photobooks published in the last century. Collaborating with his subjects to explore a kind of psychological portraiture, Cumming created a theatre of domestic and institutional interiors peopled by the strange and eccentric. Books on Books #19 presents an in-depth study of this remarkable and little known Canadian photobook with an essay by Robert Enright called The Overwhelming Quotidian: Donigan Cumming and The Stage.