Die Poesie der venezianischen Malerei

Paris Bordone, Palma il Vecchio, Lorenzo Lotto, Tizian. Sandra Pisot (ed.). Exhib'publication. Hamburger Kunsthalle. Hirmer 2017. German. 304 Seiten, 220 Abb. (davon 220 farbig). 25 x 28.5 cm. 1,8 kg. Hardcover. 9783777427461. art-15782
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Poetry, sensuality, colour and light – 16th-century Venice was a vibrant centre thriving with artistic innovation. Newly available pigments enabled the influential painters around Titian to explore a wide variety of topics in an unknown poetic and sensuous style. Their coloristic virtuosity, allegorical depictions and mythological scenes still fascinate us today; their erotically charged and idealized female portraits and their male portraits continue to fascinate.

Paris Bordone, one of Titian’s as yet overlooked students and rivals, counts among the great artists of Venetian painting of the first half of the 16th century. Discover Bordone’s multi-faceted work in the context of his contemporaries, as presented in this important publication. With around 100 paintings and prints by Paris Bordone, Palma il Vecchio, Lorenzo Lotto and Titian, this exhibition catalogue offers an enchanting insight into the splendor of Venetian painting.