Anthony Hernandez – Pictures for Rome

Smart Art Press 2001. Beiträge von Ralph Ruboff. English. 90 Seiten, 36 Abb. (davon 35 farbig und 1 s/w). 25.9 x 26.1 cm. 771 g. Cloth with dust jacket. 9781889195452. art-15700
was 29,90€ 9,95
"Anthony Hernandez' "Pictures From Rome" (1998-99), made while he was a fellow at the American Academy, makes no reference to any iconic images of that historic city and its famous edifices. Instead, these elegantly disturbing color photographs examine what could be considered a series of unofficial urban monuments composed from the distressed architectural elements and detritus found inside abandoned buildings". Not unlike his recent work of abandoned homeless dwellings, these stark color images find great beauty in the solitude of urban decay.