Germaine Krull

(English edition). Michel Frizot. Exhib'publication. Jeu de Paume, Paris. Éditions Hazan 2015. English. 264 Seiten, 200 Abb. (davon 200 s/w). 23.1 x 28 cm. 1,3 kg. Paperback with flaps. 9780300215151. art-15458
was 35,00€ 19,95
Technical structures, port and industrial installations, nineteen-twenties Paris: Germaine Krull (1897–1985) is one of the discoverers of modernism.

Her photographic views of European cities as well as her commitment as a war correspondent in Indochina and the impact of her photo reportages can scarcely be overestimated. Jean Cocteau and Walter Benjamin were among the first to admire her photographs, her realistically unobstructed view of contemporary life.

The prominence and influential force of her works can be measured against other great artists such as Man Ray, László Moholy-Nagy, or André Kertész. For a long time, her works were kept in a number of different archives and were therefore hardly accessible to the public.

The catalogue closes this gap and presents pictures taken by an extraordinary photographer. With more than 150 vintage prints, her view of the world becomes visible and can be marveled at once again.