Paul Thek in Process

Commentaries on/of an Exhibition. Susanne Neubauer. Ausst'publikation. Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg. Revolver Publishing 2014. Deutsch, Englisch. 214 Seiten, 47 Abb. (davon 47 s/w). 14,8 x 21 cm. 342 g. Broschur. 9783957630988. art-15210
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Paul Thek in Process gathers all of the research material that was made public in various formats during the 2012–2013 traveling European exhibition series Paul Thek in Process.

The exhibition was born out of the desire to memorialize the installation work that Thek created in Europe and to approach it within a larger historical context. As exhibition, documentation and a restaging, the project not only traced the tracks of a lost artistic practice of the 1970s, but also examined the importance of ephemeral material in exhibition contexts, the boundaries of the artwork, the exhibition and institution history, the reception and today’s practice of restaging.

The publication includes a list of works, a biography and a history of objects, an image documentation of the exhibitions and a self-critical curatorial review of the project.