Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller – The Killing Machine und andere Geschichten

1995-2007. With DVD. Ralf Beil, Bartomeu Marí (ed.). Exhib'publication. Barcelona/Darmstadt. Hatje Cantz 2007. Beiträge von Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar et al. German. 224 Seiten, 104 Abb. (davon 75 farbig). 17.1 x 24.7 cm. 922 g. Hardcover. 9783775719377. art-10499
was 39,80€ 14,95
Installations by artist duo Janet Cardiff (*1957) and George Bures Miller (*1960) entice us into worlds that extend beyond our experience of reality. The two Canadian artists became famous for works such as The Secret Hotel, in which it was possible to experience the rooms of a grand old hotel, and The Paradise Institute , a hit with visitors at the 2001 Venice Biennale, which conjured up a turn-of-the-century movie theater – although the starring role was played by a second soundtrack consisting of noises that usually disturb theater patrons: whispers, coughs, and rustling bags of popcorn.

A concise retrospective, this publication joins existing works with those created esspecially for this exhibition; at the same time, it is a comprehensive reader containing previously unpublished written and visual material, as well as literature which follows similar themes as the oeuvre of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.