Max Regenberg – M. “Come To Where…”

Edition von 600 Ex. Köln. White Press 2011. Beiträge von Hubertus Butin. Deutsch, Englisch. 74 Seiten, mit zahlr. Abb. 30,5 x 21,5 cm. 822 g. Fester Einband. 9783932187940. art-10467
statt 48,00€ 15,00
Max Regenberg is a long distance surveyor. The pictures reproduced in his second book “M – Come To Where…” are vintage 35mm from the 70′s and 80′s. By “screening” the Marlboro advertisement blow ups he mingles the artificial myth of the post colonial conquerer with the reality of black and white German everyday’s public. But looking at these pictures, one (specially looked at with a german eye) has to admit: This it not reality anymore. Both worlds are history!