Theodore Manolides

Paola Gribaudo (Hrsg.). Athena Schina. Milano. Skira 2006. Englisch. 221 Seiten, 229 Abb. (davon 184 farbig). 31 x 31 cm. 2,2 kg. Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag. 9788876240331. art-08460
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Theodore Manolides is one of Greece's most important contemporary artists, with many exhibitions in Greece, Europe and the United States to his credit. Through a realistic idiom which includes memories and inheritances from antiquity and Byzantium, as well as from folk art, Manolides has developed a highly individual style. His works open a dialogue with past and present, with symbols and allegories, with myths and everyday routines, with memories and enigmas of today which concern modern man on his journey through time, in his relation with life and with nature.

These works of art display an exceptional skill and variety in drawing, colour and composition, which communicate a feeling of tangibility. Manolides' paintings are imbued with a vitality and monumentality that resist the erosion of time, throwing light on existential questions and bringing out insights into a cross-cultural heritage, especially the values which rise up through it, enriching and giving being to the humanistic demands of our times.