Andreas Magdanz – BND Standort Pullach

Special edition, sign. & num. with sign. & num. photographic print (ed.30) in slip lid box. Köln. DuMont 2006. Beiträge von Christoph Schaden. German, English. 192 Seiten, 108 Abb. (davon 12 farbig und 96 s/w). 34.5 x 30.5 cm. 2,7 kg. Hardcover. 9783832176808. art-05934
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Andreas Magdanz: "The relocation of the German intelligence service BND from Pullach near Munich to Berlin marks a turning point in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. The move, which is scheduled to be completed by 2011, will allow the first exclusive photographic documentation ever of the area in Pullach, which until now was strictly off-limits. In August of 2005, after a period of preparation that lasted more than 1 1/2 years and following extensive vetting procedures, the photographic work on the project BND - Standort Pullach began. The access to the site has been granted without limitations and no attempt to exert any influence upon the artistic work was made, apart from constant supervision by the department."

As Christoph Schaden notes in his essay, Magdanz's restrained imagery belies the historical force of his subject: "The strict ban on taking pictures of the employees, who always introduced themselves to Magdanz in a friendly manner, but invariably gave false names, serves as his intellectual starting point. Atmospherically, that desertedness grows to become and all-pervading moment of absence that lays itself, leadenly and ubiquitously, over the sequence of images. Its mute plea is unambiguous and, in changing from color to black and white, suggests a latent menace... Any detailed information, it seems, is pointless..."

artbookcologne and Andreas Magdanz (* 1963) present this special edition of “BND - Standort Pullach“. It includes the numbered and signed book in a special dust-jacket with Christoph Schaden's essay in english language and an original colour photograph limited to 30 copies. The photograph is signed and numbered on the back side.