The Horse in Ancient Greek Art

Nicole Stribling, Peter Schertz (Hrsg.). Yale University Press 2017. Beiträge von Seán Hemingway, Carol C. Mattusch, John Oakley et al. Englisch. 160 Seiten, 180 Abb. (davon 180 farbig). 22 x 27 cm. 794 g. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9780300230574. art-50021
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A unique illustrated book, focusing on the significance of the horse in ancient Greek culture.

Horses were revered in ancient Greece as symbols of wealth, power, and status. On stunning black- and red-figure vases, in sculpture, and in other media, Greek artists depicted the daily care of horses, chariot and horseback races, scenes of combat, and mythological horse-hybrids such as satyrs and the winged Pegasus.

This richly illustrated and handsomely designed volume includes over 80 objects showing scenes of ancient equestrian life. Essays by notable scholars of ancient Greek art and archaeology explore the indelible presence and significance horses occupied in numerous facets of ancient Greek culture, including myth, war, sport, and competition, shedding new light on horsemanship from the 8th through the 4th century BCE.