Phillip Toledano – Phonesex

Twin Palms Publishers 2008. Englisch. 60 Seiten, 26 Abb. (davon 26 farbig). 22,5 x 30,5 cm. 800 g. Fester Einband. 9781931885744. art-13031
statt 48,00€ 14,80
Toledano has photographed nearly thirty phonesex operators in the intimate setting of their own homes, a glimpse into the reality of a fantasy created by the operator’s voice and the caller’s imagination. Accompanying every portrait is a text written by the operator on some aspect of his or her experience. Whether touching, humorous, or disturbing, every operator’s point of view is compelling.

“There is a contract that exists between phonesex operators and the people who call. It is a contract of self-delusion. The caller agrees to pretend that he (or she) is calling a young, beautiful girl, and the phonesex operator willingly plays the part. Phonesex reveals the truth. It pulls back the veil to reveal the expected, and the unexpected, all at once.”  — Phillip Toledano