Season's Greetings – Holiday Cards by celebrated artists

from the Monroe Wheeler Archive. Vincent Cianni (ed.). Joseph Scott IV. Daylight 2016. Beiträge von Allen Ellenzweig. English. 131 Seiten, 50 Abb. (davon 50 farbig). 16 x 21 cm. 509 g. Hardcover. 9781942084228. art-28810
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Season's Greetings includes reproductions of handmade art objects or limited printings that come from the Estate of Monroe Wheeler.

As Director of Exhibitions and Publications at the Museum of Modern Art from 1939 to 1967, Monroe Wheeler heavily influenced typography, book design, and the development of the museum exhibition catalog. During his tenure at MoMA, Wheeler developed close relationships with many of the artists whose works he exhibited and published. Season's Greetings is a volume of over fifty handmade art objects and limited printings that were sent to Wheeler from artists, many of whom he knew intimately, including never-before-seen work by such luminaries as André Kertész, Marc Chagall, Ben Shahn, Robert Parker, Roberto Montenegro, Herbert Bayer, Max Weber, Alexander Calder and more!

Essays by Allen Ellenzweig, Joseph Scott IV and Vincent Cianni establish the importance of this vast archive of art, letters, and ephemera, and highlight Wheeler's wide influence within his field. Season's Greetings is a fitting tribute to a man whose life's work centered on and celebrated fine art publications.