Alexander, Napoleon & Joséphine

A story of friendship, war & art from the Hermitage. Arnoud Bijl, Vincent Boele (Hrsg.). Ausst'publikation. Hermitage Amsterdam. Hermitage Amsterdam 2015. Beiträge von Tamara Rappe, Ruud Spruit et al. Englisch. 174 Seiten, 24,2 x 28 cm. 994 g. Klappenbroschur. 9789078653554. art-17078
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Three great names on the European stage at the beginning of the nineteenth century. With their conflict and friendship, two emperors, Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte, determined the fate of millions of Europeans. A fascinating role was played by the intelligent Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon's great love, the empress by his side and later a dear friend to Alexander.

This book presents these three historical figures, whose lives were closely intertwined, from the peace treaties signed on a raft in Tilsit in 1807 to the meeting between the Tsar and Josephine in Paris in 1814.