Olaf Breuning

Alain Bieber (Hrsg.). Ausst'publikation. NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf. Gestalten 2016. Englisch. 192 Seiten, 24 x 30 cm. 1,6 kg. Fester Einband. 9783899556490. art-31029
statt 39,90€ 14,95
Interdisciplinary artist Olaf Breuning depicts the world we live in with a keen sense of irony.

Born in Switzerland and now based in New York, Olaf Breuning works in a variety of media including photography, video, installation, drawing, and painting. Testing the limits of humor and contemporary aesthetics, Breuning's photo-collages, sculptures, paintings, and comics are simultaneously funny and provocative, absurd and eerie, tragic and fragile. His work provides ironic commentary on the cliches and trappings of our time.

The NRW-Forum Dusseldorf, an international cultural center focusing on contemporary photography and visual art, is presenting an Olaf Breuning retrospective in the summer of 2016. This publication accompanies the exhibition. Documenting a cross section of Breuning's extensive work, it provides a compelling overview of his oeuvre.