Martin Assig

Vasen, Gipfel, Menschen. Schirmer/Mosel 2010. Beiträge von Mark Gisbourne. English, German. 208 Seiten, 152 Abb. (davon 152 farbig). 16.5 x 23 cm. 730 g. Cloth with dust jacket. 9783829604758. art-16818
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Martin Assig, born in 1954, is a prominent proponent of contemporary German painting. One of his passions are thriftstore artworks, which he collects and uses as canvases for his own paintings executed in the old technique of encaustic.

Leaving part of the original artwork visible in his overpaintings, Assig combines a trivial aesthetic with higly complex ondulating lines, writings and geometric patterns. He merges mundane romanticism and pastose abstraction into a kind of Art brut of the 21st century. Vases, Summits, Humans is another testimony to Martin Assig s sophisticated and idiosyncratic approach to painting.