Catalina Chervin

Ausst'publikation. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires. Correo Argentino 1998. Beiträge von Sepp Hiekisch-Picard, Robert C. Morgan, Roque De Bonis et al. Englisch, Spanisch. 83 Seiten, mit zahlr. s/w Abb. 26,1 x 32,9 cm. 754 g. Klappenbroschur mit Schutzumschlag. 9789504395416. art-14363
statt 39,80€ 19,95
One of the authors, Roque De Bonis, writes: "The structural foundation of Catalina Chervin's work is governed by an operation which gives visibility to the structure of instincts and the behavior of the unconscious, producing a surprise effect. How does this happen, how does it appear on the scene? If one doubts its existence, then it may bring him face to face with a system. A system which, transformed by our society into a parody at the end of a millenium, brings about man's moral rupture. This expectant attention, recurrently dreamed about, unwillingly drags the artist from dreaming into wakefulness, and vice versa."

The catalogue, accompanying the exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Buenos Aires, shows several, mostly black and white, drawings of the artist, which are reminiscent of anatomical studies.