Richard Artschwager – Zeichnungen/Drawings

1960-2002. Catalogue. Staatl. Graphische Sammlung München. Richter Verlag 2003. Beiträge von Dieter Schwarz & Michael Semff. English, German. 95 Seiten, 45 Abb. 23 x 28.7 cm. 616 g. Paperback with flaps with dust jacket. 9783906664361. art-12468
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For the american painter and sculptor Richard Artschwager drawing is an especially intimate and traditional form of art, other than painting or sculpting. That is why since the 60ies he has created various drawings with coal and indian ink.

The selections in this catalogue give an extensive overview on more than four decades of Artschwager's work. The texts by Dieter Schwarz and Michael Semff, throw light on the subjects of Artschwager's drawings, his techniques and the reactions on his work.