Picasso – Blue and Rose Periods

(English edition). Raphaël Bouvier, Fondation Beyeler (ed.). Exhib'publication. Fondation Beyeler. Hatje Cantz 2019. English. 300 Seiten, 171 Abb. 27.4 x 31 cm. 2,5 kg. Halfcloth. 9783906053530. art-49302
was 68,00€ 29,95
In its most prestigious exhibition to date, the Fondation Beyeler has devoted itself to the early paintings and sculptures of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) that date from his so-called Blue and Pink periods to early Cubism.

The paintings from this stage of his career, all produced between 1901 and 1907, are milestones on the road Picasso took to becoming the most famous artist of the twentieth century. They can be counted among modernism s most beautiful and most emotional works, and are also some of the most precious works of art ever to exist.

This comprehensive exhibition and its companion catalogue feature around eighty masterpieces, most of which are only rarely loaned out by famous museums and private collections around the world.