The Eye by Fotografiska

teNeues 2018. Beiträge von Albert Watson, Catherine Edelmann et al. English. 256 Seiten, 258 Abb. (davon 256 farbig und 2 s/w). 27.5 x 34 cm. 2,5 kg. Hardcover. 9783961711130. art-39480
was 80,00€ 29,95
Through carefully-selected photographs from its exhibitions, The Eye not only celebrates Fotografiska’s own journey, it also interprets the evolution of the field during the years that Fotografiska has been around to influence it. Using the sensitive eye that has made Fotografiska such an outstanding success, this volume is a must-have for all photography fans, as well as collectors.

Presenting masters next to emerging, yet equally remarkable talents, the book spans from the documentary and abstract to landscape, portraiture, fashion, and wildlife, providing a vivid testimony of Fotografiska’s exhibition history while showcasing the great variations within the photographic practice.