International Yearbook Communication Design 2018/2019

Red Dot. Peter Zec (Hrsg.). Red Dot Edition 2018. Deutsch, Englisch. 1088 Seiten, 2500 Abb. 24 x 30 cm. 6,4 kg. Fester Einband. 9783899392081. art-31074
statt 59,90€ 14,95
The reference work of the creative industry collects the latest and most outstanding design achievements of recent times. Gain an overview of the latest trends, the most original campaigns and the most interesting concepts from the worlds of advertising, marketing and corporate communications; and let yourself be inspired by the wealth of ideas that agencies and design studios around the world have brought forth. Only the projects by the very best were selected for inclusion in this reference work.

Volume 1 presents the entire range of creative achievements that corporate design & identity, brand design & identity, packaging design, advertising, annual reports, publishing & print media, posters, typography, illustrations and spatial communication have to offer.

Volume 2 brings together the latest innovations in the areas of fair stands, retail design, online, film & animation, sound design, apps, interface as well as user experience design, and also provides insights into the potential of up-and-coming young designers.

And finally, interviews with and portraits of selected designers offer a glimpse behind the scenes and present an up-to-date cross section of the lively global creative scene.