Ed van der Elsken – Sweet Life

Books on Books #13. Errata Editions 2012. Beiträge von Ed van der Elsken, Fritz Gierstberg, Jeffrey Ladd. Englisch. 190 Seiten, 120 Abb. (davon 120 s/w). 18,5 x 25 cm. 922 g. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 9781935004257. art-16159
statt 42,00€ 29,95
Ed van der Elsken's Sweet Life published in 1966 is considered one of the key works of Dutch photobook history. In 1960, armed with two magazine commissions and a stipend from Netherlands television, Ed van der Elsken and his wife Gerda set off on a fourteen month journey around the world. Six years after their return, he published his travelogue Sweet Life which exhibited a panoply of layout effects - double-page bleeds, crops, printed in deep gravure, and different cover designs for each of the six countries in which it was published. Books on Books #13 presents a study of this classic book with a contemporary essay by Frits Gierstberg.