Mario Testino – Lima–Peru

Featuring the work of over 100 Peruvian artists. Katalogbuch. Bologna. Damiani 2007. Beiträge von Mario Vargas Llosa, Charlotte Burenius & Rafo León. Englisch, Italienisch, Spanisch. 224 Seiten, 190 Abb. 24,2 x 34,6 cm. 2,3 kg. Fester Einband. 9788889431924. art-09102
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"I wanted to capture the vitality of Lima in such a way as to embrace its many interwoven cultures. I love religious iconography, just as I love kitsch, and when I started exploring Lima’s artistic community, visiting artists in their studios, I discovered we shared the same sensibility." (Mario Testino)

This declaration of intent with regard to Mario Testino’s first book in the role of editor and talent scout is well exemplified in nearly 200 photographs which offer intimist and chaotic glimpses of the populous South American capital.

"Lima-Peru" unveils the many faces of a complex, tentacular and glorious city seen through the eyes of artists, photographers and photoreporters selected by Mario Testino. The creators of these images pass rapidly among lovers, markets, teenagers, churches, surfers, high society, priests, soccer players and an immense crowd moving in places that are spontaneous and still little accustomed to giving themselves to the camera lens.

Mario Testino was born in Lima in 1954 and moved to London at the beginning of the '70s to take up a career as a fashion photographer. He worked for Vogue and Vanity Fair and, at the same time, he built up his fame as a refined portraitist, immortalising Hollywood stars and above all royal families. His exhibition "Portraits", which opened at the London National Portrait Gallery in 2002, has travelled all over the world.