Wim Wenders – 4 Real & True 2!

Landscapes. Photographs (English edition). Exhib'publication. Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf. Schirmer/Mosel 2015. Contributors: Hubertus von Amelunxen et al. English. 352 pages, 163 ill. 13.5 x 20 cm. 754 g. Paperback with flaps. 9783829606974. art-16847
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Wim Wenders' fame stems primarily from his motion pictures such as Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire, and Pina, yet the filmmaker admits: "Photography is the other half of my life." In honor of his 70th birthday in 2015, the Dusseldorf Museum Kunstpalast is exhibiting large-format photographs and landscape panoramas. "When you're on the go a lot," Wim Wenders writes, "when you like to meander in order to lose yourself, you can end up in the strangest places. It must be a sort of built-in radar that often guides me into areas that are either peculiarly quiet or else peculiar in a quiet way." Unlike the filmmaker, Wenders dispenses with modern technical contrivances as a photographer. He prefers analog photography, without artificial lght or a tripod. The exhibition catalogue will feature his series Written in the West, Buena Vista Social Club, Once, Pictures from the Surface of the Earth, and Journey to Onomichi, among others.