Tokyo Designers Week. Yumi Ueno (Hrsg.). Gestalten 2012. Englisch. 240 Seiten, 25 x 30,5 cm. 1,7 kg. Fester Einband. 9783899554342. art-16290
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On March 11, 2011 a devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit northeastern Japan causing catastrophic damage. In their aftermath, Design Association NPO, best known internationally as the host of Tokyo Designers Week, organized Arigato Project, a multifaceted program to aid rebuilding through the power of art and design.

Arigato means thank you. This book serves to express heartfelt gratitude for the support and kindness received from around the world in response to this natural disaster. While doing so, it documents compelling creativity by professional designers, students, and talented amateurs generated through the Arigato Project in disciplines including product design, architecture, fashion design, music, photography, and urban development.