Christophe Bourgeois – Fish Tank

Jean-Yves Bainier. Brüssel. Caillou Bleu 2010. Beiträge von Jean-Yves Bainier. Englisch, Französisch, Chinesisch. 112 Seiten, 60 Abb. 22 x 27,7 cm. 820 g. Leinen. 9782930537092. art-12077
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In China, Christophe Bourgeois' quest for travel experiences found the ideal conditions for an extended visit of locations conducive to his desire to approach elsewhere and other people, and to his recurrent search for otherness. Indeed, the perpetual activity of these Chinese markets, where water products are sold and exchanged, provides the photographer opportunities for numerous encounters with the men and women who bring these places to life, both by day and night, as their intense, daily work invariably unfolds.

A passionate and discreet observer, accepted as such by those whose pictures he takes time and again, Christophe Bourgeois strives day after day to reveal the reality of the fish markets, by capturing the images of the fishermen, traders, transporters and so forth in their multiple and complementary activities.